The V Spot Steam

The V Spot Steam

The V Spot Steam
Per Session

Yoni steams (V-Steaming), have been used for centuries worldwide to revitalize, restore, and cleanse women's bodies. It is a treatment in which the warmth of herbal steam permeates the exterior of a vagina. There are countless benefits, including reduced menstrual pain, increased fertility, easing symptoms of menopause, and facilitating healing after childbirth.

Service Include:

- 1 custom blend

-complimentary use of V-Spot steaming gown

-complimentary slippers (yours to keep) 

-complimentary beverage choice (infused water, sparkling water, or apple cider)

-complimentary warm/cold towel while steaming

-Use of silent disco headset while steaming. 

- 100% Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff. 

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